Tuesday at Ten: Gather

I enjoy these link-ups where I can join with other bloggers and just write. Tuesday at Ten is Karen’s first link-up, so I hope she gets a good amount of support. Similar to Five Minute Friday, the prompt word goes live at 10 pm Eastern (that’s 3 am Wednesday here in the UK, so I’m glad she’s giving us 24 hours to make our contributions!). This week’s prompt is: Gather.
* * *
I’ve read Psalm 2 recently. It seems appropriate with all that’s going on at the moment in this world. It talks about people gathering together against the LORD (doesn’t that remind you of the situation in Iraq?), and yet the Psalm isn’t full of doom and gloom. No – what I love is its picture of God in all this. “The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the LORD scoffs at them.”

Do I mean that God laughs at tragedy? Well, I can’t imagine that of a loving and compassionate God. If I want to gather those Iraqi children in my arms and protect them, surely God wants that even more. In fact, the Bible says He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart (Isaiah 40:11).

So here’s what I love about that picture of God:
I love that He’s enthroned in heaven. Whatever might be going on in the world or in your own life, whatever might be spiralling out of control, there’s One who’s still sitting on His throne, in control of it all. I’m reassured by that.

And I love that God scoffs at the ones who’ve gathered against Him. If a human being scoffs at you, that’s one thing, but God scoffing at you? Wow - that’s a dreadful prospect! Has someone treated you unjustly? Do they think they’ve got away with it? Psalm 2 reminds us that one day, we’ll all have to give an account of ourselves to God; we’ll all have to answer for our actions. And do you know your response to the one who’s mistreated you will affect their future?

Jesus taught that if we forgive others’ wrongs, they’ll be forgiven; but if we don’t, they won’t. He showed incomprehensible forgiveness Himself when His hands and feet were nailed to a cross, and He was tormented to come down and save Himself. An early Christian, Stephen, asked as he died a martyr’s death that the sins of those who killed him wouldn’t be held against them. Have you ever thought who was standing by that day? A young man called Saul gave approval to Stephen’s death. Not long afterwards, Saul was travelling to Damascus to persecute more Christians when Jesus appeared to him, and he became a believer himself. Saul (later known as Paul) believed in Jesus, so his sins weren’t held against him. Could you do that to those who gather against God or against you – forgive them, and trust that God will respond in the right way to their mistakes?


13 thoughts on “Tuesday at Ten: Gather

  1. Hi!!! thank you so much for being a part of my “Tuesday at Ten” .. what a beautiful testament of the word “Gather” .. I love what you wrote. I too feel this safety knowing that in all the bad in the world, GOD is still watching over us even though he can’t change free-will .. he is still up there looking down.

    Again.. thank you for taking part of my new blog link up.. I look forward to reading more of your writing 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this post – The picture of God enthroned in Heaven is breathtaking to me – Nothing here is taking Him by surprise – He has no Plan B – But in it all, through it all, He remains God – All-powerful, All-loving, All-forgiving, God – And I am sure His heart breaks today as it did as He looked over Jerusalem. There is always Hope, Amen? Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Have a blessed day in Jesus, sweet sister ❤ ~ Dianna

  3. Sarah, It’s always so hard to grasp the horrible injustices going on in the world. I too have been reading through Psalms and I notice a definite theme of us just continue to love God and His people and try to reach others for Him…then let Him take care of the “bad guys.” Your thoughts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing all the way from the UK.

  4. I loved your take on the prompt today. I enjoyed reading your post and am comforted by that fact that God is always, faithfully and lovingly looking down upon us.
    Blessings to you.
    – Andrea

  5. Hi.. this is Karen from Tuesday at Ten … you were chosen as one of the winners for this week … each week I chose 2 people to be showcased on the blog and at the end of the month one is chosen from the 8 of the month for a prize.. good job on your writing of Gather 🙂 Your blog is posted on the Tuesday at Ten facebook page

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