August Compassion-Joys and When I Couldn’t Sponsor any More

Every month, Jill over at Compassion Family lists her Compassion-joys and asks us to join in. So, at the beginning of August, there were letters from Junior (Haiti) and Cindy (Philippines). I also had an updated photo of Cindy wearing a pink dress and jacket. At the end of the month (just a couple of days ago), I saw a new member had been added to my Compassion-family. Excited? Yes – very.

I didn’t feel I could commit to another financial sponsorship, but knew I loved writing and wanted to get more letters. On Compassion International’s site, they have an arrangement where if the financial sponsor doesn’t write, someone else can. Those people are called correspondent-sponsors and I E-mailed ciinfo (at) us (dot) ci (dot) org to ask about becoming one. Do you remember my Ugandan Compassion goal? Well, that’s now been achieved because my correspondent-child is Maureen from Uganda – a 12-year-old Ugandan girl to love and get to know! I look forward to when her first letter and photo arrive in the post.

Are you a sponsor? Would you like to share your joys from this month? Why not write a post like I have, then go over to Jill’s blog and put it in the linkup?

4 thoughts on “August Compassion-Joys and When I Couldn’t Sponsor any More

  1. Letters and new kids are always an occasion to celebrate!! How fun that you have a new girl from Uganda. My first sponsored child was from Uganda. She and I are dear friends now that she’s graduated! Enjoy getting to know Maureen!!!

  2. How exciting that you have a new correspondent girl from Uganda! Uganda is on my short list of places to visit…I’d like to go over and visit Alex Mutagubya and his family. He used to be a sponsored child and now is a pastor there. I met him here in Oregon (he was going to school here) and just got to see him again earlier this year.

    Thanks for joining us and counting your JOYS!

    • Wow, sponsored child turned pastor! You must be thrilled! I hope you can visit Alex where he lives one day.

      I was glad to join you on the linkup. I don’t always have something to share, so it’s nice when I do, and you know I think your blog’s a great resource.

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