Let’s do This Together: “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days” (Book-Review)

It’s a real honour to review one of Holley Gerth’s books. If you’ve read here for a while, you’ll know she’s a favourite writer of mine. “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days” is a 52-part devotional based on the Psalms. I love the Bible, and I love when someone who’s had her share of emotional pain opens it up and finds comfort in it. With 3 Psalms per chapter, you could make it a daily devotional to finish in just less than 2 months, or read 3 Psalms per week and let it take you through the year.

In each chapter, Holley picks out a small portion from those 3 Psalms to explore in more depth. Reading “God Calls You His Own”, I imagine God delighting in me as a parent delights in a new-born baby. You may be better reading a hard copy of this than the Kindle version because after Holley’s thoughts, there are prayers, with space for you to personalise them and to journal what you’re hearing from God. Possibly my favourite of Holley’s books, I’d recommend this to anyone who’d like to see God as more than a distant grandfather-figure. It shows He understands your sorrows and wants to be part of your life. As Holley says, “What if instead of ‘Get it together’, God’s whispering ‘Let’s do this together’?”

Your Thoughts?

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