Tuesday at Ten: Time

Well, I’m quite pleased because I can give a bit of a shout-out to not one, but two people through this post. Today is Tuesday, which means Karen’s back with her Tuesday at Ten linkup. This week, her prompt-word is: Time.
* * *
So I’d like to tell you about a friend of mine, and how she spends her time. Alex has always been a quiet person one-to-one, but put her behind a microphone and she speaks with real authority, so I’m thrilled she’s using that voice of hers for God’s glory.

Alex spends three hours on a Wednesday, 6-9 pm here in the UK (that's 1-4 pm Eastern), playing music to praise God to on her radio-show – Worship Unlimited. I plugged her show when she first started broadcasting in 2011, and now three years later, you can find her on ACB Radio Interactive. This Internet radio-station showcases blind DJs from around the world, but Alex is listened to by people of all ages with very different musical tastes. One request might be a children’s song for a girl in her local church, the next a hip-hop song popular in Germany, or perhaps Alex’s personal favourite – Christian country. As long as it glorifies Jesus, she’ll play it.

Worship Unlimited now has a blog, Facebook page and Twitter account, giving you plenty of ways to connect, so why not spend a bit of time tomorrow night listening to Alex on ACB Interactive? Let’s see if we can make this a community, and not just a three-hour show.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday at Ten: Time

  1. AWESOME!! thank you for being a part of my Tuesday at Ten again …. thank you for telling me about Alex. its amazing to go from quiet with no voice, to having a big voice! I know what thats like, that used to be me 🙂

    thank you for sharing 🙂 I enjoy you blog


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