5-Minute Friday: Whisper

My thanks to Kate Motaung for this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt: Whisper.
* * *
My first thought when I hear the word ‘Whisper’ is of Elijah in 1 Kings 19. God wasn’t in the earthquake, the wind or the fire, but He came to Elijah in a gentle whisper – a still-small voice. Some say it could be translated as ‘The sound of silence’.

Have you had any of those whisper-moments with God? Sometimes His voice says things you don’t want to hear. I remember when my uncle was dying – how badly I wanted God to heal him and people to listen to his testimony and believe; God whispered that this wasn’t going to be a time of harvest, but a time of growth.

His whispers can give you comfort too. I remember sitting on my bed, wondering who would look after me when I was old and unable to do the things I do now; the children I write to in the Philippines are so far away … God whispered that even to my old age and grey hairs, He would sustain me, and a song came out of that:
Keep me safe in Your will, dear One;
I know Your power will sustain me to the end:
When there’s fear that could come in,
I remember the hope and the future that You have for me.

I know it’s safe to trust in You;
I know You will never disappoint:
I know You loved me enough to send Your Son;
You will not leave me alone –
You’ll sustain me as I grow old.

8 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday: Whisper

  1. I was just pondering this today… how I want each death to represent a time of harvest… to some how give good purpose and value to that loss of life on earth. Yet God sometimes has a different GOOD purpose and who am I to question it? I also write today on 1 Kings so I especially love to see your spin on God’s whisper. Beautiful words- and beautiful song!

  2. This is lovely. I would like very much to hear the song…music moves me as much as words sometimes. It’s scary to wonder what will happen to the lives we’ve built and to our loved ones we care for when we age. I wonder the same thing about my daughter – she has Down Syndrome. I guess the wondering has to happen before the planning – I’ve talked with family members about my daughter and have had an amazing response from my niece and her family. God is our comfort and our help. You hear His whisper in those important times. He will let you know what to do. You are so right to trust in Him. I hope you have a blessed weekend.

    • I would have loved to share a link to the song here, but I’m not technical enough to be able to put it on YouTube. The song’s called “Keep me Safe” and I’m very happy to send it to the E-mail address you left with your comment; hopefully that’ll work.

      You’re right; God can sustain us in all sorts of ways, and the love of family is amazing. I’m glad your niece and her family responded so well when you talked to them about your daughter. I have my sponsored children, but no natural children; I think being a parent must be a huge responsibility as well as a privilege, so well done for all you’re putting in to the next generation.

  3. I’ve also had some of those whisper moments recently I didn’t necessarily want to hear, but needed to hear. And I’ve had the comforting whispers…also not sure about my future, married to a man 21 years older than me. It can be scary if I let it..all the “what if’s”…then He comes and whispers, “Be still and know that I am God.” Thank you for these beautiful words this week!! So glad to have linked up next to you. 😉

    • I’m very glad you linked up next to me too, and it’s lovely you got married. I don’t see age as a barrier. I mean, God’s eternal; one day we’ll be just like Him and age won’t matter, so if people want His kingdom to come on earth … Having said that, with worsening health and all the other practicalities we have to face here, I’m sure it can be daunting sometimes, but your trust’s in the right place. I’ve got a friend who’s thirty-odd years older than me; he means a lot to me and sometimes I wonder how I’ll cope when he’s not around, but I’m grateful for any time with him and try to make the most of the time I do have.

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