Healing, Opportunity, Purpose, Empowerment: “Stolen” Book-Review

Co-written with Cecil Murphey, “Stolen” takes you on a journey: A woman’s journey from human trafficking and domestic abuse to a proclamation of freedom for herself and others. After her ordeal, Kat formed There is HOPE for Me, and the acronym describes the process she went through.
Healing: Healing of course follows hurt. This book details the situations Kat found herself in, and how she escaped.
Opportunity: As she advanced into what God had for her, Kat learnt more about the life she deserved.
Purpose: Using her life to point others to something better.
Empowerment: Reminiscent of Jesus telling His followers to ‘Make disciples’, the importance of counselling victims beyond their escape, urging them to continue making wise choices and not be lured back into the lifestyle.

Kat skilfully describes the depravity of her experiences. We know there were many curses, yet the language is never explicit, and there’s no unnecessary hype. I congratulate Kat on getting her message across without stooping to their level. Because of the nature of the book, I would class it as unsuitable for children or young teens, but I’d recommend to adults and most definitely to parents. It’s shown me how plausible these traffickers are, and how close to home. Children can easily be targeted, and our awareness could be the best prevention.

Your Thoughts?

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