Now October is Over

Can I start by saying a huge thank-you if you’ve read my life-story throughout October? Every like and comment was appreciated, and a special mention for Melissa who commented so regularly. Space didn’t permit, but what I’ve really missed has been giving a shout-out to others who were also writing for 31 days. That’s why I thought I’d highlight some posts for you now:

I’ll start with Robyn. I’d never read her blog before, and she’s written what’s been my favourite series of the whole month (well done Robyn). Here’s a post from her adoption adventure.

Not surprisingly, my blogger-friend Becky’s also included. She and her pastor-husband and four children make me smile through the videos she shares on Facebook, and having grown up a pastor’s daughter and become a pastor’s wife, who better to write 31 Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor? Way 3 was one of my favourites.

You’ll know from last month about my South African friend I’d love to meet. Because of her I have a growing interest in the country, so enjoyed Kate’s 31 Days of Life in South Africa. Who knew traffic-lights were called robots?! Kate also added an extra dimension to her challenge and wrote every post in 5 minutes, as did several others.

Here’s a taste of the most honest series I’ve come across – Caiobhe’s 31 Days of Hope for a Messed-up Marriage, and the most fun? Definitely Caroline and Greg’s on Truth or Dare.

I enjoyed these posts by Tobi and Annie in their series about books.

Several bloggers featured people who’d impressed them, like Joseph or the 31 Dayers Facebook-group, but let me really recommend Barbara’s Inspirational Biography series. I love snippets about Christians from of old, and this post about Susannah Spurgeon made me smile because of the lovely quote from Charles about his letters to her.

And the series I haven’t got around to but am looking forward to getting into? 31 Days of Writing as Worship.

Hopefully, in amongst all those, there’s something you’ll enjoy too. Happy reading, and if I’ve missed you out and you think I might enjoy your series, please tell me in the comments.

16 thoughts on “Now October is Over

  1. Thanks Sarah! I found so many awesome blogs in October, and met a lot of great writer-friends! I still have a ton of blogs on my to-read list!

    • Yeah, the last month has been great – so many blogs to read. I really like your idea of being ready for Christmas by 30 November. I always like to spread the cost of prezzies over a few months, so I’ve got most of them now and should have finished writing the Christmas cards this week.

  2. I absolutely loved writing the 31 days series! I learned so much from my experience writing my series, Weirdly Faithful Fitness. (If you get a chance to check it out, please do — it’s all about ignoring the world’s idea of fitness and tuning it to what God says. I had no idea I would develop such a comraderie with the other bloggers, but I really did. Some of the blogs you mentioned are new to me, and I can’t wait to go check them out. Thanks!

    • I didn’t realise how many lovely people I’d meet through this either.

      Thanks for the link. I read “One Weird Thing to Make you Enjoy Exercise More”. I used to really enjoy going to the gym twice a week and I think you’re right about feeling more satisfied when you give it 100%.

  3. Thanks for sharing and highlighting some of your favorite blogs! There were/ARE so many that I would find a hard time highlighting just a few…you touched on a couple – and the adoption journey of Robyn is one of those I’d have to highlight as well!! So wonderful and well-written! The one that I had to keep going back to was Theresa Moma – sharing from her heart and soul on her depression. Others touched me as well, but too many to list!

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