On Books, Children and Earthquakes

I love reading.  It’s taught me more about life than I would ever have learnt otherwise.  I heard just yesterday about the second major earthquake in Nepal in a matter of weeks, and it was the book “Little Princes” that helped me understand a bit about the region where these people are.  I heard reports of several feet of snow avalanching down from Everest, and I pictured staff from the orphanage trekking over rugged mountains, searching for families of trafficked children with a mind to eventually reunite them.  It was good to get the update that all children and staff were safe.


The earthquake 5 years ago with its epicentre in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, doesn’t make me think so much about the landscape.  Instead, it’s people who come to mind:  A family man trapped under the collapsed Hotel Montana, so far from his wife and sons; a pastor standing in the rubble that was his church, wearing a hat proclaiming “Jesus is my boss”; children still sleeping in tents years later, some without even a bed.  Hearing this week that there was a new Compassion-centre actually in Port-au-Prince, it was these tent-dwellers I thought of, happy to know there would be help for those families most-affected.


If you’d like to sponsor a child in this new centre, how about Abigaelle?  She was born on new year’s eve, 2011.  Mercifully, she wasn’t alive when the earthquake hit, but her parents would have been.  Nevertheless they chose to bring this little girl into the world, showing us all that Haiti still has a future, and she’s part of it.


If you’re too late to sponsor Abigaelle, you can search Compassion’s website for HA889 to find more children in Port-Au-Prince.

Your Thoughts?

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