What to say When Guilt Comes to Stay

I’m not going to put out the welcome mat or greet you with fresh flowers; what you leave behind is anything but sweet.
You leave mementos of the slipups I’ve made and the people I’ve hurt. You’re gut-wrenching – yes, like when you’ve cried all the tears you can cry and then you’re empty; that kind of gut-wrenching.
If you were a person, you’d be ugly – your face twisted into a permanent scowl, because the ones whose faces are radiant – they’re the ones with their focus in the right place.
You’re focus is in the wrong place. Your focus is on me, myself and I – the slipups I’ve made and the people I’ve hurt … There you go again.
So, what am I to do with you? I won’t greet you with fresh flowers or put out the welcome mat; I won’t even open the door. I’ll lift my eyes to the One who sees past my mistakes and looks at me with love. I’ll move my lips and pour out my heart to Him, and then you’ll be lifted off my shoulders.
My focus won’t be on me, myself and I – not anymore. I’ll be liberated! My sights will be on travelling – moving away from you, guilt, away from your grip that chained me to the past, and into the next thing God has for me.
Gut-wrenching, ugly, I-focused guilt, I’ll lift you off and I’ll travel. I’ll walk with God forever.

* * *

To celebrate the release of her latest book, “You’re Loved no Matter What: Freeing Your Heart from the Need to be Perfect”, Holley’s giving us a chance to join her in writing about the topic. This week, she asks us to think what we’d say to guilt.


Your Thoughts?

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