5-Minute Friday: Try

I haven’t done one of these posts for a while, where you time yourself for 5 minutes and just write, without worrying whether it’s just right. Kate’s prompt for this week is Try:

* * *

I sit on the sofa with the phone next to me: Email, Facebook, Twitter, EBooks … I love how much I can learn, but I want something more. I want to be out in the midst of people again – to step out and try, if I knew what I was trying.

Because trying can be a very positive thing, but then there’s the negative side – the striving; the trying to do things in your own strength rather than God’s. As one of my songs says: “You lead me quietly beside the water; help me not to strive, and just be free – just be free”. Freedom from trying hard brings you into God’s rest – that quiet trust; that place of knowing He already did it all for you, with splintered wood and bloodied nails and sharp thorns. Because He went through the ultimate trial, we can go boldly before God – boldly, as if it’s the easiest thing we could do, and it is, because of what He’s done. I love the open door to the throne-room and the cleansing that’s on offer. Thank You, Jesus.

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