Unexpected Treasure: “The Chase” Book-Review

From the foreword by Karen Kingsbury – a doting mum who prayed for her children and their future spouses before they were even born, I expected this to be a difficult read, but take my advice: Don’t dismiss it till you’ve read chapter 1, because from chapter 1 onwards I was hooked. I love their storytelling, the lessons from those around them, and that each chapter has a section from Kelsey and from Kyle, so you get the girl’s and the guy’s perspective. Kyle’s a songwriter like me, which adds to the book’s appeal.

It’s definitely addressed to girls/women, but far from just being for singles in the church, there are reminders here we could all do with revisiting from time to time – Kyle’s thoughts on TV-shows, for example, or the brilliant section in chapter 8 on hearts being compatible.

Kyle and Kelsey are engaging writers who’ve found their happiness together, but I’ve a feeling had they stayed single, their message would have been the same. I’m surprised, in a good way, to be able to say The Chase is one of the best books on relationships I’ve read.


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