“That’s not Apple Juice”

I was recently reminded of something that happened when I still lived with my parents. A friend (who’s also blind) had come to stay and she wanted a drink. I went to the fridge, took out the only jug I could find, filled a glass and handed it to her. She took a huge sip, made a funny sound and managed to say: “That’s not apple juice.”

I gasped. “What is it?”

“I don’t know, but it’s not apple juice!”

Later when Mum came in, she looked and said: “It’s cooking oil.” Who keeps cooking oil in a jug in the fridge ready to use a second time? No one else I know, but Mum did, and the apple juice was still in its carton on the table.

We can apply this story to Scripture/God’s Word. It’s sweet to our taste and the more we read it, the more familiar we are with its teachings. When we come up against something opposed to them, we’re then able to say: “That’s not Scriptural” and, like my friend, reject it before we swallow.

Do you have any funny stories that make you think of God?


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