And There’s More: “You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide” Book-Review

I looked forward to reviewing this book because if I had to choose a favourite author, Holley Gerth would be it. A Christian counsellor and life-coach, she’s one of the most encouraging women I know. I’ve never met her in person; only online, but I’d thoroughly recommend her blog and any of her books.

This LifeGrowth Guide was written in response to readers of “You’re Already Amazing” who wanted more resources to help them use the book for group study. Holley does a great job of dividing the book into sections. She’s currently running a book club on her blog, working through the guide with her readers, and videos to accompany each session are available at

I think Holley’s tips on how to facilitate are useful to leaders of any small group. However, the outlines for group facilitators are at the back of the book. It might be easier (particularly for readers of the eBook) if the outline for session 1 was with session 1, etc, but that really is just personal preference, and I know in many Bible-studies you’ll find the leaders’ notes at the back. Throughout the guide, Holley refers to the Go Deeper questions in “You’re Already Amazing”. I wish these had been included within the guide as well as in the original book, but she does say a printable version can be downloaded from her website.

I hope this is helpful, and that like me, you’ll benefit from Holley’s writing.

Your Thoughts?

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