Shamelessly Living the Adventure: “Brazen” Book-Review

I signed up to review this having wanted to read one of Leeana’s books for a while, but I must admit I found the subtitle off-putting. “Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding” sounded weird to me. I might have gone for: Shamelessly Living the Adventure. Leeana’s taught me that brazen means ‘Without shame’, and we don’t always have to follow brazen with hussy.

Do you follow authors on Twitter? If you’re reading their book, it’s a great way to send a thank-you note at the end, or if you weren’t overly impressed, find a quote that did resonate and tweet it to them. Revell Books tweeted a link to this podcast with Leeana, which will give you an idea whether you’ll like “Brazen”. It’s a book about returning to who you are deep-down inside, and unashamedly being that person. There’s good advice about recovering and finding your voice.

I appreciated Leeana’s writing style; short chapters with storytelling woven in. I might recommend “Brazen” if a person was lacking in confidence. My only major struggle was with chapter 9 where, because she grew up without a man around, Leeana talks about finding an image of God we’re comfortable with and refers to Him as a matriarch. I know Jesus wept over Jerusalem and wanted to gather her people like a hen gathers her chicks, but Jesus didn’t ever say: “Our Mother in heaven”, so I don’t think we have a license to mess with God’s gender. There are those people (a good friend of mine being one) who don’t have brilliant relationships with their earthly fathers, yet they can look at God and acknowledge Him as their perfect Father – the One they lift their eyes to and can’t help but smile. I’d rather follow their example than try to turn God into a matriarch, but on the whole, “Brazen” is an encouraging read.

Your Thoughts?

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