New Beginnings

I read a Facebook-status last month all about the next phase of life. It began like this: “Feeling excited. Love September – new beginnings!” I love to see upbeat words on my newsfeed and I’m glad she felt that way. The thing is that for me, it didn’t seem like a new beginning. I had been struggling with pain and felt a bit like a dishcloth which had just been wrung out!

It got me thinking. I may not have kids in school or college, and life may be a struggle at times, but I can still look forward to a new beginning. “Our Lord Jesus Christ has power over everything, and He will make these poor bodies of ours like His own glorious body” (Philippians 3:20-21).

Do you see? The ultimate new beginning. We won’t always be trapped in bodies that don’t work the way they should. Our current circumstances aren’t our forever. “And now these three remain: Faith, hope and love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). There’s hope; always, always hope … and that gave me an idea.

* * *

As some of you might know, Write31Days happens every October – an opportunity for bloggers to spend 31 consecutive days exploring a topic, so my theme for this year is: 31 Days of Positive Spin. Believe me, I need it as much as anyone. I’ll try to keep the posts relatively short; I know it’s a lot to expect you to check back here every day. However much you read I’ll be appreciative, and if you follow the whole series, even better!

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