As I consider the countries in which Compassion works, my thoughts go straight to Haiti at this time. I’ve just been reading an article which suggests the number of casualties was overestimated by English-language media, but nevertheless, there has certainly been loss of life and much damage to infrastructure. For those in the west of the country, who’ve been camping out in tents and still haven’t recovered fully from the earthquake of 2010, Hurricane Matthew must be devastating.

When I hear about loss of livestock, I think of the teenager I write to, who bought a goat with some of his family’s money. I pray they’re safe and well, and I’m thankful that an organisation like Compassion exists to help. They work with the local church in their partner-countries to ensure that provision gets to those in desperate need. If you keep up with me on Twitter, I’ve just retweeted that £17 will provide a Haitian with a basket of essentials. Living here in England, with a welfare system that treats me as a blind person very well, I can say I have the essentials: A roof over my head; food on the table; water in the tap … If you’re in the same boat and feel your needs have been amply supplied, why not lend a hand to someone who’s not in your position?

“The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1).

Whose need is God using you to meet today?


Your Thoughts?

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