My tweets can be seen by everyone, so I have very few deep conversations on Twitter, but I saw a tweet once:
“Rejection is a short-term setback, not a permanent condition.”

I had to respond to that, because I heartily disagreed! I’ll use the example of a job-interview, but you can apply it to whatever your situation might be:
You go for a job – your dream job.
You don’t get it.
You thought you could do that job, so you’re hurt that you weren’t chosen.
After a while you get over the hurt, but you still haven’t got the job.
You may be offered a different job, or you might stay unemployed and continually struggle to find work.

Do you see? Rejection can be short-term and of very little consequence; it can also greatly affect someone’s life. My heart goes out to you if you’re living through the misery of being rejected, and I want to share with you Isaiah 41:9: “I have chosen you and have not rejected you.” That’s become one of my favourite verses. It’s amazing that God chose me – God, whose standard’s the highest of all. It doesn’t change my circumstance, but it does cheer me up.

Your Thoughts?

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