This is a song I wrote at Christmas 2007. My pastor had just preached on how Bethlehem is so small, and yet so significant. I had also watched a Christmas play with a line about a ‘New baby King’:
O tiny little Bethlehem, despised among the towns;
Out of you will come a King in humble circumstance:
He won’t cry in triumph for all to know His name,
But to those who seek Him, His power will be plain.

Just outside of Bethlehem, the shepherds could be found;
The angel of the Lord appeared, and glory shone around:
They heard the joyful tidings that Christ had been born,
And hurried there to find Him – the Shepherd of us all.

Wise men in a far-off land looked into the sky;
The shining star directed them to Wisdom from on high:
They knew to expect a new baby King,
And so they went to Bethlehem – to go and worship Him.

You may seem insignificant; you may seem very small,
But don’t forget what God can do; all things are possible:
He knows all your problems; He’ll take away your shame;
He’ll honour those who honour Him, and make His people great

If you’d like to hear the song, it’s on the album “Same Applies”. You can find it here.


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