February 6th – Save the Date!

Nothing to do with me; I’m not getting married or anything. No, February 6th is the day that “In Bloom” is released – a second book by Kayla Aimee. I would have bought this anyway, but because I’m on Kayla’s Email list, I was invited onto her launch team, so … a book for free, + I got to read it before its release, and (an unexpected bonus) a Facebook group where we all interacted with each other. The Facebook group really made it, as Kayla took the time to post videos for us, talking through the book in sections. It’s very special to hear directly from the author, E.G. did you know when you record books for Audible, they slow your voice down so it ends up sounding nothing like you? That’s something I learnt.

So, what can I say about “In Bloom”? I looked forward to it because I so enjoyed Kayla’s first book, “Anchored”, about the birth of her premature daughter Scarlette. One positive about “Anchored” – it was a story with a beginning, middle and end. This follow-up is more teaching than a storybook, but teaching on a relevant subject – our desire to be accepted, and the insecurities so many of us grapple with. “In Bloom” looks at several of these, from outside influences to the things that go on in our own heads. Kayla’s very funny and shares intimately about her life, all with the aim of helping us discover our self-worth. You’ll love the stories throughout about Scarlette, 5 years on from when she was born.

If I was writing this review on my own, I might have recommended “In Bloom” to readers under 40 because of her references to the 1990s, but older women on the launch team have said how much they’ve loved it. (Actually, it doesn’t matter if you’re like me and have never seen “Mean Girls” or read “The Babysitters’ Club”. If Kayla’s personality and sense of humour are what drew you into her first book, you should appreciate this one.) I also would have labelled it as Christian, but some on the team aren’t practising Christians and have still given positive feedback, so I’ve been proved wrong on both counts.

“In Bloom” releases on February 6th. If you preorder a print copy from Lifeway, they’ll send you another free to give to a friend, but that may only apply if you’re in the US. It’s also available on Amazon, so whoever you are, if you’re interested, why not give it a try?


Are there audio announcements on the buses where you live? Have you ever thought of them as an annoyance?

VI Talk

This is an article that I wrote for guide dogs in early October.

A few months ago, I heard an interesting conversation on the radio about a person’s experience of riding on a bus with audio announcements.  The presenter and the caller were in agreement that it was an annoyance to them and they couldn’t see the point in having such a disturbance on a bus.  This was the prompt that I needed to get my phone out and send a message to the presenter (very politely may I add) to say that I enjoyed his show but did he realise that having such announcements on the buses meant that many visually impaired people could now get out and about, travel independently and that such a facility opened up so many opportunities to us.  He read my text out on air, said that he’d never actually thought of it that…

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