I wrote this in 2007, inspired by Luke 14:12-24.

* * *

Don’t invite your friends to lunch or dinner, Jesus said;
They’ll return the favour, so you can be repaid:
Invite the suffering and the poor – the ones who can’t repay,
And you’ll have your reward from God at Resurrection Day.

Think about the wedding feast to share up there in heaven –
Many invitations sent, and poor excuses given:
A field; livestock; marriage – these cannot compare
To the wonder of our Saviour, who’s waiting for us there.

So the suff’ring poor come flocking in, with nothing much to give –
Nothing but their lowly spirits, broken hearts and lives:
Jesus looks at them with love; renews their troubled hearts,
And in that great and wondrous feast, they all can have a part.

But as for those invited first, who spurn God’s lovely Son,
How can they expect to taste the banquet that’s to come?
So go to Jesus; ask Him now to wash your sins away,
So you can be included in that glorious wedding day.

Jesus looks at you with love; He’ll gladly wash you clean,
And on that day your righteousness will shine for all to see:
Dressed up in your finery – linen pure and white,
You’re more than just a wedding-guest; you’re part of Jesus’ bride!

Your Thoughts?

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