I’m not long back from a week away with the lovely Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson. Tracy’s deaf and partially-sighted, and because I’m blind and have recently been fitted with hearing-aids, it’s as if she’s the same as me, but the other way round. More than that, she makes me feel encouraged and I really like being around her. She’s just written a new book, “The Father’s Kiss”, which I’m reading at the moment. In the book, we’re asked to think about the word ‘Lavished’.

In my previous post, I talked about my friends’ daughter. I wrote a song when she was born about God’s great love that kept her safe and brought her into the world. The verse that inspired it (1 John 3:1) says: “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God”, so ‘Lavished’ always reminds me of her as a new-born, and the love she was surrounded with. I remember her dad saying: “I keep thinking I’ll go home from work, and she’s gonna be there.” I can also remember how she made me feel. If I was despondent, and my friend came to sit next to me with this baby girl on her lap, just hearing her breathe would make me smile and think how God had blessed me.

If only we, myself included, would live our lives with that same passion. “I’ll go and do this today, and God’s gonna be there!” One interaction with our Lord – all it takes to make us smile.

God’s lavished love on us. Isn’t it good for us to lavish love on Him?


Your Thoughts?

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