Still Alive

Lent is over now and it’s Easter, or ‘Resurrection Sunday’ as some of my friends call it. I wish I could get used to doing that, because I like it better than Easter.

Anyway, I read the last day of my Lent devotional today: “Faces Around the Cross”. It focused on the two people walking with Jesus along the road towards Emmaus, when they didn’t yet recognise Him. For anyone who doesn’t know the story, it’s in Luke 24:13-34. They’re walking along the road when someone joins them. They think the man’s a stranger, so He asks what they’re discussing and they open up to Him. “We had hoped He was the Messiah who had come to rescue Israel.” They were sad and disillusioned.

The author of my devotional said this is what it would have looked like without Easter – “A tragedy; a story without a moral; a drama that ends before the final act”, and then it hit me: We can feel exactly that. Christians aren’t immune to life’s challenges. We go through problems like anybody else, and when we see others in the midst of great suffering, it can feel like Jesus isn’t alive anymore.

Where are you with Jesus today? Are you disillusioned with how your life’s turning out? Let these words encourage you: He’s still alive. Instead of “We had hoped”, we can keep hoping. Whatever you’re going through, it’s not over, and it’s not too late for God to step in. Maybe you’re not having the greatest day today, but it’s my prayer that there’ll be better days to come.

He’s still alive. Please don’t lose hope.