Books 2019

This year has been amazing book-wise, with the most books I’ve ever read, so I’ll start with my three favourites. All of these left me wanting to read more by their authors.

“Participant” by Carmen Kemp: I was initially drawn to this because the heroine’s called Alexis. Coming out of a long-term relationship, she decides to confront who she is and who she’d like to be. The characters are so real and brilliantly described.

“Bonnie and Stan” by Anna Stuart: Personally, I was sorry to see a homosexual couple in this book. I think the characters in question would have worked equally well as a male and female. However I loved the main characters and, flitting between 1960s and present-day, the story was extremely well-crafted. It’s also set in Liverpool – one of my favourite places.

“The Little Vintage Carousel by the Sea” by Jaimie Admans: This was written by a Welshwoman and I love Wales. Perhaps that’s why I liked her style of writing, which sometimes made me laugh out-loud. As soon as I finished the first chapter, I wanted to see how this ended, and there’s more to it than the expected romance.

PS: With the Goodreads app on my phone, I can challenge myself to read so much in a year, so I don’t abandon books very often. There were only two I didn’t finish: “Surviving the Fatherland” and “When I was Yours”, which makes me think World War II novels aren’t my thing.

Nonfiction: I was happy to end the year by finishing “Ezekiel for You and Me”. It gave me a much better understanding of Ezekiel, which is a book in the Bible I’ve always struggled with. I still find all the measurements of the temple a bit baffling, so if there’s another helpful book on Ezekiel you can recommend, please tell me in the comments.

I read a very good autobiography by David Jason called simply “My Life”. He actually has two books. The second is supposed to be about the most famous characters he’s played on television, but it’s probably ninety per cent Del Boy and ten per cent all the others.

“Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach us About the Nature of God and His Love for Us” is worth a look. One Sunday, we were told beforehand that our meeting at church would have a theme: Trees, and I read this in preparation. The author’s also written “24/6” (all about Sabbath), so I’m excited to read that now as well.

What about you? Any good books you’ve read in 2019?