Women and the Love-Languages: Words of Affirmation

Have you read “The Five Love-Languages” by Gary Chapman? It would probably be in my top five favourite books because of the impact it’s had on me. Today, on International Women’s Day, I want to start a series on some women in the Bible (and some of the women in my life) who’ve shown these five different facets of love.

* * *

David was chosen to be king over Israel long before he actually reigned. His predecessor (King Saul) had disobeyed God and been rejected by Him, so there was an in-between stage. Saul was still alive and therefore still king, but David was avidly following God, knowing he would be next. It’s during this time that we meet Nabal and his wife Abigail. David appeals to Nabal’s generosity, since his men have never harmed or stolen from any of Nabal’s shepherds, but Nabal doesn’t recognise David as an important man. Out of all his wealth, he gives him nothing. When Abigail hears about this, she hastens to right the wrong (1 Samuel 25:18-35). She brings the gift her husband failed to give, and speaks words of blessing over David. “The Lord will certainly let your family have many kings, because you fight His battles. As long as you live, may you do nothing bad. Someone might chase you to kill you, but the Lord your God will keep you alive. He will throw away your enemies’ lives as He would throw a stone from a sling. The Lord will keep all His promises of good things for you. He will make you leader over Israel.” David heeds those words and thanks to her dedication, many lives are spared.

My friend Alex speaks encouraging words over my life. For example, if I think I’m not writing enough songs, she’ll say: “Maybe God wants you to use what you’ve got.” Her timely words lift my spirit. Can you lift someone’s spirit with your life-affirming words today?

Your Thoughts?

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