When Daniel Sees Jesus (Part 2)

A few days ago, I explained why I believe Daniel’s visitor (in Daniel 10) has to be Jesus. Daniel was greatly affected by what he saw, but Jesus didn’t leave him weak and barely able to draw breath; He had things to impart to Daniel. The most important of these is mentioned twice (in verses 11 and 19): “God loves you very much”. There’s nothing like knowing you’re greatly loved by God. You might recognise that God is all-powerful, but to know He looks on you with kindness? That He won’t use that power to utterly destroy you? How reassuring.

Jesus also offers healing. “When He touched me, I felt better” (Daniel 10:18). The healing was a gift. It didn’t require Daniel to do or say anything. There was no condemnation – no hint that it was Daniel’s fault for being weak or depressed; but, like the song says, just one touch from the King.

What else do we hear from Daniel’s visitor? “Peace be with you” (Daniel 10:19). Like John’s description of Jesus in Revelation, this also reminds me of words John wrote, in his gospel this time: “I leave you peace. It is My own peace I give you” (John 14:27) – Jesus’ words to His friends before He died. A God-given peace is available – for Daniel and for us.

Not only that, but strength and empowering. When Daniel was unable to speak, He touched his lips (Daniel 10:16). In Isaiah 6:5-8, a burning coal touched Isaiah’s lips and he was equipped to declare God’s message. It seems to me that Daniel’s visitor is equipping him in this chapter, and preparing him for the words he’s about to hear. “When He spoke to me, I became stronger. Then I said, ‘Sir, You have given me strength. Now You can speak’” (Daniel 10:19).

As Christians today, we can be thankful for the love, healing, peace and strength Jesus gives us, and for the power of His Spirit. Because Jesus has gone to be with the Father in heaven, His Spirit could come – to fill and equip His first followers (Acts 2:1-4), but also to fill and equip us when we ask for Him.

Your Thoughts?

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