Christmas: God’s Promise Kept

I have exciting news today on the blog, but I’ll start with a story. In December 2018, I went with my parents to an Advent service. No sermon; just songs and readings, all connected with light. One of the readings was Numbers 24:17 – an obscure verse about the Star that would come out of Jacob. Behind me, I heard someone whisper: “I don’t understand!” and no wonder, because no one had connected it with Jesus or the season we were in, so an idea came. I wanted to explain, in simple terms, the story of the Old Testament and how it pointed to Jesus.

And here’s the exciting news: I did explain, by writing Christmas: God’s Promise Kept – 25 short daily devotionals for Advent. It’s the first book I’ve had published, so a dream realised for me, and today’s the day it officially launches! As you’ve been kind enough to read this blog, I thought I’d share the introduction with you, to give you a bit of a taster.

* * *

The first thirty-nine books of the Bible (known to Christians as the Old Testament) transport us from creation to the time of Jesus’ birth. At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus being born, but sometimes not much is said about events leading up to that moment. I have a real love of the Old Testament, its many characters, and how God spoke to them about His Son before He was even born. For example, He said to Isaiah: “At that time people will say, ‘Our God is doing this! We have waited for Him, and He has come to save us’” (Isaiah 25:9). Let’s focus on one Old Testament reading every day until 25 December. Hopefully it will enrich our celebration of Christmas, as we see that Jesus – this ruler of nations, born in the small town of Bethlehem – is God’s promise kept.

When I wrote this series of Advent readings, what I wanted more than anything was for it to be accessible. I’ve deliberately kept the reflections short so that even on a busy day, you can fit in the day’s Bible-reading alongside my words. I hope you come away with an understanding of the backstory of Christmas, and a love of God’s story as a whole.

* * *

So, if you liked the sound of that, you can find the book on Amazon. Thank you so much for reading and sharing my excitement.

Your Thoughts?

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