Advent is Here

When does Christmas start in your house? I must admit that for me, it starts around October. By then I’m reading the Christmas books, listening to my Christmas playlist … I just love Christmas and everything it stands for, and today is the start of Advent.

This year, I’m so privileged that J. J. Moffs have published my Advent devotional “Christmas: God’s Promise Kept”, so I thought I’d post a song for each day. Some will be Christmassy; some won’t, but they’ll all complement the book, and I hope you’re going to enjoy them.

* * *

Day 1: God planned to save us from our mistakes, even before wrongdoing entered the world. As a line in this song puts it: “The curse of sin is broken”.

2 thoughts on “Advent is Here

  1. It’s our pleasure to be your publisher, Sarah, thank you for entrusting us with your excellent Advent devotional book. Thank you, too, for introducing me to Rend Collective. Wonderful!

    • They’re Irish, I found out when I was in Belfast. I’ve tried to pick different types of music, so hopefully most people will find something they like. Thanks so much for reading and for the encouragement. It’s great working with you.

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