Living from Love

In 2011, I had been leading a Bible-study for just over a year. The group that met in my friend’s house had got so big, she was unable to host us all, so we solved the problem by splitting in two. I had the smaller group of just four, having never led a Bible-study before. I won’t give details, but suffice to say the group folded. Just weeks later, we had a meeting where several people stepped down from another ministry I was helping out with and that looked set to end the same way. I didn’t cope at all well with this. I’m ashamed to say I took my frustration out on some of the people involved. I felt bereft, as the things I’d poured my life into seemed to be collapsing around me.

My focus was all wrong. Somehow, my value and sense of purpose got caught up in what I was doing. I lost sight of an important truth. “I’m not more loved when I do things for God, nor am I more loved or important when I receive public praise.” That was a quote from Christy Nockels’ “The Life you Long For” and to me, it summarises the whole book – living from a place of being loved by God, instead of living for God.

The crucial thing is God’s heart for us. Christy says the word capacity “relates to what we can produce, but it has just as much to do with what we can receive, contain, and hold”. This is a book about living at our fullest capacity, where we’re receiving from the heart of God, and what we receive flows out to impact those around us. It’s well worth reading and I’ve made lots of notes. It’s also one of those books where I’d recommend having a music subscription because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll regularly want to stop and listen to the lovely songs she talks about. Thank you, Christy, for your thoughtful book and for having me on your launch team.

Your Thoughts?

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