When our World is Shaken: A Review of “Not Knowing but Still Going”

I’ve mentioned previously on this blog how I’ve joined some weekly writers’ chats on Zoom. One of the authors I’ve met through these chats is Jocelyn-Anne Harvey, and it’s an honour this week to review her latest work – “Not Knowing but Still Going”. I didn’t know anything about it (other than the title), so I half-expected a children’s book. I’m glad I was proved wrong!

Not Knowing but Still Going” is an in-depth look into the Noah’s Ark story. If you like Michael Card’s Biblical Imagination series on the gospels, I think you’ll love this. It’s so well-researched. For instance, I wouldn’t have thought of studying the beginning of Genesis specifically to find out what the pre-flood earth might have looked and felt like. I was also fascinated to learn the Book of Jubilees names Noah’s wife. It’s a lovely, exotic name too.

There’s a regular focus on the women and what they might have been thinking. How might they have felt when they saw rainclouds for the first time after leaving the ark? It’s a shame parts of the book address us as women because I think everyone would enjoy it, male or female. It’s a timely exploration of the parallels between Noah’s family on the ark, and us as we navigate our way through a worldwide pandemic. At the end, Jocelyn-Anne says one of her hopes is that the book will speak to us, and it certainly has to me. Chapter 11 (on emotional giants) was a favourite of mine.

Thank you, Jocelyn-Anne, for this impressive piece of writing. If you’d like to read “Not Knowing but Still Going”, here’s the link to it on Amazon. I’m sure your reviews would be appreciated.

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