Musical Monday: Comic Relief

Last week, I spent a few days in wonderful Wales. While I was there, my friends talked about a programme they watched, counting down the top 30 songs of 1991. I was into music well before that, thanks both to my dad and the hour-long ride to and from primary school, when I’d listen to the radio or whatever my current taxi-driver happened to enjoy. Nevertheless, 1991 was the year I found the official UK top 40 (on BBC Radio 1) and came across many different types of songs.

I watched the programme myself when I got home. There’s something special about winding back 30 years. Some of the music sounds just as good, and the memory of it makes you smile; 1991’s Comic Relief song, particularly. “Nobody listens to ‘The STONK’ now,” one of the analysts quipped.

I do!” I said out-loud. We had the single (on vinyl) and I loved it, not just because it had Brian May on guitar and Roger Taylor on drums (I didn’t find that out till much later on). It featured people like Bruce Forsyth, with that phrase he repeated every week at the start of Generation Game. For its time, the song was contemporary; it was funny; it was … well … stonking! If less people hear it now, that may be because you can’t find it on streaming platforms like Apple Music, but thankfully for people like me (who think it’s the best Comic Relief song ever), it is still on YouTube. Please enjoy it, and tell your friends to have a listen. I really want to prove that man wrong!

What’s your favourite Comic Relief song, or haven’t you liked any of them?

Your Thoughts?

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