Blank Canvas

Today I decided to write a terza rima (no, I’d never heard of it either). A writer-friend published one on her blog. It’s a poem with the rhyming pattern aba, bcb, cdc and so on. The poem usually ends with a single line or couplet rhyming with the previous verse’s middle line, or a verse whose middle line rhymes with the opening line. Phew! To add to that, we were asked to use at least 3 of these words or phrases: Blank canvas, lavender, whirlpool, seedling, happily ever after, golden, cliff’s edge, and to use one of them as our poem’s title without using it in the poem itself. Challenge accepted!

Blank Canvas

Life is a whirlpool of emotion,
But they say we shouldn’t be led by feelings
When showing our devotion.

Sometimes it’s very unappealing;
Almost like you’re on a cliff’s edge,
Second-guessing the outcome of your dealings.

You want to give your life as a pledge,
But what if you flunk?
It feels like you got the thin end of the wedge.

Almost as if you’re drunk,
But you haven’t touched a drop of white or red;
Get yourself out of that funk.

You want it all to be golden thread;
A flawless you, ready to take the fight,
But that’s all in your head.

Relax, don’t cling on so tight;
You’re giving your life to someone else;
Surrender the wheel and enjoy the ride.

You won’t go wrong with them at the helm.

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