The Beach

One of Linda’s past challenges today – a poem to convey an experience or emotion, using at least 5 of the following: Pearly gates, habanero, mud, pins and needles, breezy, quicksand, indigo. Today is a lovely sunny day here in the UK. I expect lots of people are wishing they were by the sea.

The Beach

Those first painful steps onto a beach
When it’s breezy, and sand swirls up in your face;
I’ve never sunk in quicksand,
But I have been somewhere that’s more mud than sea.

Closer to the water’s edge, the sand is firmer and flat;
You might get pins and needles
When you finish paddling in the sea,
And your cold feet start to come back to life.

I always preferred other treats at the seaside:
Salty chips out of paper, or a cone of ice-cream;
Shops selling sweets and gifts to take back for loved ones;
Boats that chugged along with increasing speed.

As a child we’d build sandcastles,
And there would be stories of a ball;
Ladies in dresses of every colour, even indigo,
Hurrying over the drawbridge to dance and romance.

As we left, I’d think of the tide coming in;
Washing our creation away, maybe while the ball was mid-flow,
But that was ok; there was always next time,
When we’d bring buckets and spades and do it all again.

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