Why Write a Blog?

In a Voice for Performance and Life class recently, one thing our teacher brought home to us was that our voices have something to say. To me, that’s the primary reason you blog – to get a message across.

If you’re a Christian, you might use your blog to spread the message of Jesus Christ – who He is and the effect His life has on the world. I read a memoir recently by the actor John Wood (which I recommend, by the way). Certain quotes have stuck with me, but by far the saddest part was at the end of the chapter about his search for faith. He said: “The ideas were hung out there, and they were big ideas, but they were not explained then and never would be … not in any church I ever visited since”. I’d like to have those words above my desk because that’s a great reason to write. I hope a lot of my blog-posts and my Advent book do just that – explain the lofty things of God in a way that ordinary people (like you and I) can understand. First, the Holy Spirit has to do His work in someone’s heart to open their eyes to the things of God. That’s why Jesus says you can’t see the kingdom of God unless you’re born of the Spirit, but then God uses us to impact the lives of others. Jesus told His followers to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). The word ‘Disciple’ reminds me of discipline. A disciple is a person who follows the ideas/teachings of somebody else, so how can you be one of Jesus’ disciples (and follow His teachings) without having those ideas broken down for you?

If you or someone you know have faced discrimination, you could raise awareness about that. I read a great post once about a blind lady preparing for her wedding – someone assuming she was the bridesmaid, rather than the bride; the lack of choice, because so much had to be ordered online or from a catalogue. It may be convenient to store less stock, but it prevents a blind person going into a shop, running their hands over the material and choosing for themselves.

Perhaps you’ve travelled the world and you’d like to document it, as my sister and her friend did, using words or a photography-based blog. Someone who’s bedridden or housebound could visit those countries vicariously through you.

Blogging isn’t just about sharing what you’ve already experienced. It can be an opportunity to try something new. Linda Kruschke’s blog (“Another Fearless Year”) taught me so much about different types of poetry, as she made her way through The Poetry Dictionary, letter by letter. On Frank Hubeny’s blog, I saw the famous Noah’s Ark story, written in just six sentences. Could you write your favourite Bible-story that succinctly?

It might have become clear that what I enjoy about blogging is the chance to connect with others. Are you someone who likes to encourage another person? You can do that by writing a good motivational post, but what’s the point if nobody reads it? As I’ve hinted earlier, one way to attract new readers is by joining in with other bloggers. They set a challenge; you put a link to your post in the comments; you visit others’ blogs to offer encouragement, and hopefully they return the favour. I know a lot of my poems wouldn’t have been written without Linda. Another favourite linkup from the past was Write31Days, where bloggers got together every October to write for thirty-one days on a theme. It was fun to visit other participants and see the topics they were passionate about. I often enjoy reading other people’s work as much as writing my own.

So write a blog to express your thoughts, and read a blog to see where the other person is. We’re all on a journey, and we can all inspire one another.

1 thought on “Why Write a Blog?

  1. I wonder if you could have me as a guest in your blog to talk about my upcoming book due for release 7th October
    It’s about Faith Betrayal Rejection Motherhood and Strength

    I look forward to your response

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