31 Days of Positive Spin

Write31Days 2016

As some of you might know, Write31Days happens every October – an opportunity for bloggers to spend 31 consecutive days exploring a topic, so my theme for this year is: 31 Days of Positive Spin. Believe me, I need it as much as anyone. I’ll try to keep the posts relatively short; I know it’s a lot to expect you to check back here every day. However much you read I’ll be appreciative, and if you follow the whole series, even better!

Day 1: New Beginnings
Day 2: Mountains
Day 3: Loneliness
Day 4: Grief
Day 5: Marriage
Day 6: Impulsiveness
Day 7: Weakness
Day 8: Illness
Day 9: Envy
Day 10: Worthlessness
Day 11: Doubt
Day 12: Poverty
Day 13: Discouragement
Day 14: Change
Day 15: Condemnation
Day 16: Fear
Day 17: Selfishness
Day 18: Competitiveness
Day 19: Death
Day 20: Self-Preservation
Day 21: Deception
Day 22: Anger
Day 23: Rejection
Day 24: Persecution
Day 25: Darkness
Day 26: Inadequacy
Day 27: Insecurity
Day 28: Isolation
Day 29: Independence
Day 30: Self-Consciousness
Day 31: Aimlessness