31 Jesus-Benefits

Write31Days 2015

Are you on Facebook?

If so, you may have seen these challenges people are sometimes nominated for – share a Bible-verse every day for 7 days, etc. Well, a few months ago, my friend Temarra asked me to share (or think on) 7 things I appreciated about being a Christian.

7 things?

But Write31Days was coming up, where a bunch of us blog every day throughout October, so I thought: Why not do 31?

If you fancy the Write31Days challenge, I’m sure you could join in too over at the website. Last year I met so many lovely bloggers through the Facebook group (the reading is as much fun as the writing). Alternatively, you could just have a look at my 2015 series. The best way to make sure you don’t miss a post would be to subscribe by Email, but I do plan to put the links here if you just want to keep checking back. It’d be great to have you reading along.
Day 1: The Main Thing
Day 2: Out with the Old
Day 3: I can Stay Intact
Day 4: Surprise Gifts
Day 5: Celebrating the Good
Day 6: Companionship
Day 7: Green Pastures
Day 8: Surrounded
Day 9: Truthful Pastors
Day 10: Christmas!
Day 11: Our Refreshing
Day 12: I’m not Threatened
Day 13: An Ally in Suffering
Day 14: Not Just Good Intentions
Day 15: Holy Spirit
Day 16: No Worries!
Day 17: Tears on Display
Day 18: A Perfect Father
Day 19: Sympathy
Day 20: Forever
Day 21: A Positive Change
Day 22: That Same Power
Day 23: Self-Control
Day 24: Unforgettable
Day 25: Ticket to Paradise
Day 26: Something for the Workers
Day 27: On God’s Team
Day 28: Meeting Every Need
Day 29: Identifying with Him
Day 30: Familiarity
Day 31: Knowing our Bibles