What Does the Badger Cull Have to do with Jesus?

Earlier in the week, I was reading a newsletter from Bible Gateway.  In it, Christine Caine encouraged us to look at the story of the lost coin a bit differently:  To think of all those who might have lost money, due to circumstances or their own choice – a single mum, an addict etc.

As I read Luke 15 today, I did the same with the lost sheep – thought of farmers who’d lost livestock.  The situation that immediately came to mind was all those cattle being lost to TB.  How zealous they are to keep their cattle – so much so that they’re prepared to see thousands of badgers killed.  I don’t agree with the badger cull; I think a vaccination programme would be a better way, but it made me think of Jesus and His zeal for us.  To Him, we’re like that lost sheep, and He was prepared to die so that we could be found.  He said:  “Father, if it is possible, take this cup from Me”, but there was no other way.  No vaccination programme could immunise us against the power of sin, but Jesus’ death meant that His Spirit could come and live in us, and we would have the power to conquer our old sinful natures.  Aren’t you glad He went through with it?

Do you want His Spirit to come and live in you?  You only have to ask.