Good Foundation

I listened to the radio yesterday morning while I washed the dishes, and was really struck by something a lady said.  She and the DJ were discussing couples, and how it was good for them to have time to themselves instead of being joined at the hip.  She said if you have two concrete pillars holding the roof on a structure and those pillars are too close together, that roof will fall.  Similarly, if they’re too far apart, the roof will also fall because its foundation isn’t good.  But if they’re just the right distance apart, then that roof will stay up.


Although they were talking about couples, I think this speaks to all of us.  If I depend on my family or friends to be happy, if I give them first place in my heart and think too highly of them, my life will fall apart.  If I distance myself from family and friends, if I have no need of them and there’s a wide chasm between us, then my life will also fall apart.  But if I give them their rightful place in my heart – Jesus at the centre (whom I depend on for my joy) and them second, then my life will remain secure because my Foundation is good.


What are the foundations like in your life?  Have you considered doing what the children’s song says – building your life on the Lord Jesus Christ?

Build and Prepare

“Wisdom has built her house …  ‘Come and eat my food and drink the wine I have prepared’” (Proverbs 9:1, 5).


Proverbs 9 compares wisdom to foolishness.  The main difference I saw was the planning and preparation on Wisdom’s part.  There’s no mention of the fool building her house; only sitting at the door, and no mention of wine either.  I’m not an expert in winemaking, but I do know the grapes should be left to ferment and it’s a lengthy process.  The fool would have none of that, but chose to steal somebody else’s water instead.


Likening foolishness to a loud woman is less about the volume of her voice and more about her spiritual condition.  If what’s precious to God is a gentle and quiet spirit, surely a loud and impulsive spirit is just the opposite.  Wise people are careful planners, counting the cost, working diligently with the end in mind.  Impulsive people grab what’s in their reach and only think later about the consequences.


It’s good to have ideas and dreams, but if those dreams are going to come to any good, they need to be built on a solid foundation.  That foundation is prayer – giving it all to God and persevering, knowing that as we follow Him, He’ll make us successful (Proverbs 3:6).