A Special Week

I hope everyone had a good weekend. This week is a special one for Kristen, who blogs at Chasing Blue Skies. She’s one of those bloggers/writers you read, and you think of them as your friend (even though you’ve never met). Do you know any writers like that?

Anyway, Kristen’s written a book! (She’s already written a 31-day devotional for military wives, but this is a full-length, 10-chapter book for absolutely anyone.) And if you’re in the US, the paperback version releases today. I’ve been on the launch team and had the privilege of reading “Girl Meets Change” before its official release, and I’ve really looked forward to sharing it with you.

It’s a book about adapting to change, and includes personal and Biblical examples of people who’ve had to do just that. Perhaps you’ll learn something new about a story you’re already familiar with; I know I learnt something about the story of Lazarus when I read chapter 3.

You can go to this page if you want to read more about the book before you purchase, and why not send Kristen a message of congratulations on its release? While it’ll be an exciting time, we obviously don’t all have the same taste in books, but wouldn’t it be great if she had more positive feedback than negative? Let’s pray for Kristen and her family especially this week as her hard work finally hits the shelves.

31 Days of Song: “The Name”

Today’s a pretty special day on my calendar, because 14 years ago today, I went to my friend’s church, where she was backing-singer in the worship group.  If you’ve read this blog awhile you’ll know the rest, but that was the night I said yes to having Jesus in my life.  As a thank-you to her for the invite, I’m choosing my friend’s favourite song today.  I had looked for it before on Amazon and it wasn’t available, but she looked herself anyway and when she found it, we both said we didn’t mind paying 90p for a song like this.  It really is so anointed.  I mean, other songs haven’t got that special something, but this was so clearly created by God for the purpose of worshipping Him.  Which name(s) of God speak to you in this song?