August Compassion-Joys and When I Couldn’t Sponsor any More

Every month, Jill over at Compassion Family lists her Compassion-joys and asks us to join in. So, at the beginning of August, there were letters from Junior (Haiti) and Cindy (Philippines). I also had an updated photo of Cindy wearing a pink dress and jacket. At the end of the month (just a couple of days ago), I saw a new member had been added to my Compassion-family. Excited? Yes – very.

I didn’t feel I could commit to another financial sponsorship, but knew I loved writing and wanted to get more letters. On Compassion International’s site, they have an arrangement where if the financial sponsor doesn’t write, someone else can. Those people are called correspondent-sponsors and I E-mailed ciinfo (at) us (dot) ci (dot) org to ask about becoming one. Do you remember my Ugandan Compassion goal? Well, that’s now been achieved because my correspondent-child is Maureen from Uganda – a 12-year-old Ugandan girl to love and get to know! I look forward to when her first letter and photo arrive in the post.

Are you a sponsor? Would you like to share your joys from this month? Why not write a post like I have, then go over to Jill’s blog and put it in the linkup?

A-Z: Really Smiling

I just noticed that Princess (one of the little girls I wrote about yesterday in the Philippines) has already been sponsored!

So, R is for ‘Really smiling’ because I’ve realised an orphan, a Ugandan, a Brazilian, and a Filipino child have now found sponsors!  All those Compassion goals achieved, possibly through you – my readers.  I’d absolutely love to hear from you if you sponsored one of those 4 children.  Add my Haitian boy into the mix and we’d have a child in every area where Compassion works.  That makes me really happy.

PS.   Despite last week’s Internet-problems, today I’m up-to-date with the A-Z challenge.  🙂

A-Z: Philippines

P in the A-Z challenge is the last in my “Compassion Goals” series, and do you remember last week I was telling you about the Brazilian equivalent of Alex and Jonathan?  Well, I don’t know whether Jonathan’s sponsor is reading this blog, but if they are, I want to thank them for choosing him.  Alessandra is still waiting …

This week I want to focus on a place that’s home to a few of my Compassion goals:  The Philippines.  I’ve got kids there already, so I’d love to go and meet my girls, and the boy who wants to be a seaman when he’s older.  I’ve heard that sometimes you have to climb a ladder to reach homes in the Philippines (houses are built on-top of each other), then manoeuvre yourself through a hole to get inside.  I’m not sure how I’d cope with that, but if it was my child’s home, it would disgust me to stand at the bottom of that ladder.  I’d want to follow in their footsteps – to climb up the pile of shacks they’d been climbing for years, get into their space and meet their family and know how they live.  If I’ve sponsored a child and tried to get close to them, how can I not put myself out to identify with them?

I also have a special goal for my girl Cindy.  She’s not a teenager yet, but has always been very bright.  After child-sponsorship, Compassion choose a select group to progress onto their Leadership Development Programme.  There is one in the Philippines, and I’m hoping Cindy might be chosen.  LDP students sometimes go to the US or the UK to speak about Compassion and how being a sponsored child changed their life.  Perhaps if I don’t meet Cindy in the Philippines, I’ll get to meet her that way.

The Philippines is very special to me.  I’ve seen video footage of children over there, so I can imagine my kids in their projects with their friends and what a group of them would sound like.  I want to keep that connection and continually be sponsoring there.  I think when it comes to choosing another Filipino child, I’d like to sponsor in the same project as one of my girls.  Twice now, when there have been typhoons, I’ve heard that Jennylyn’s centre has provided for her family, and both girls’ centres are great at photographing them if I’m able to send any extra gifts.

What about you?  Have you ever visited a country like the Philippines, and would you like to sponsor there?  Well, how about Princess (that’s what my name means, and I love the name of her project), Sofia (from a family of 7 children), or Allan?  Allan is my dad’s name, and this Allan (like my dad) was born in December and likes swimming.  Again, I’ll leave the choice to you.

Thank you for reading about my Compassion goals these last few weeks, and for looking at the children I’ve selected.  Please keep the ones who’ve yet to find a sponsor in your prayers.  We were asked as Compassion Bloggers to ‘Change the story’ for children in poverty in the run-up to Compassion Sunday, which is this Sunday (21 April) in the US, so a very happy Compassion Sunday to you, and to all my fellow-bloggers who’ve been writing along-with me.

A-Z: Interlinked

I in the A-Z challenge, and the next in my “Compassion Goals” series.  On Compassion UK’s site, they list the 4 places where Compassion works.  I already have children in Central America and Asia, and I’ve written about how I’d like to include Africa.  Wouldn’t it be nice to link South America in too and have a child in every area where Compassion has their centres?

That would mean Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador or Peru.  Well, personally, I’d pick Brazil.  When I went to look for a Brazilian child, I was spoilt for choice.  If it was me deciding who to sponsor, I’d be drawn to both of these:  Jonathan because he’s waited so long and was born on the anniversary of when I started making my first CD (I’m told I have a freakish memory!), and Alessandra because she’s visually-impaired.  It would be interesting to find out whether she reads Braille and whether Compassion have managed to give her a Braille Bible.

I’ve got friends called Jonathan and Alex, so it would be fun to tell them I’d sponsored my very own Alex and Jonathan in Brazil, but I’m not at the stage of sponsoring more kids yet, so I’ll leave the choice to you.  Jonathan or Alessandra?

A-Z: Double

It’s day 4 of the A-Z challenge, and the next in my “Compassion Goals” series.  Amazingly, I’ve just found out that little Erinora (the Ugandan girl I wrote about last week) has been sponsored!  I hope that’s made you smile; it did me, and today, D is for double and I want to focus on twins.

Ever since learning that twins could both have sponsors, oh, I’ve really wanted to do that!  As a twin myself (Louise lived here on earth for 5 months), I’ve always enjoyed watching twins and how they relate to each other.  I think it would be far nicer for a pair to have the same sponsor than 2 different ones.  I currently have a child whose sibling is also sponsored, but no idea who the sponsor is.

It’s rare that 2 children from the same family are sponsored, so even rarer (I would guess) to come across twins.  I think to have that sponsor-child relationship with 2 children in the same family would be lovely.  If you agree, why not ask Compassion whether there are any sets of twins waiting for sponsorship right now?

Compassion Goals 2

Welcome to the second in my “Compassion Goals” series.  You can read part 1 here, and if you click the link in that post, you’ll notice Alexis has been sponsored!  Thanks to whoever sponsored him, and thank you especially if it was one of you reading this blog.

Actually, it was reading that put this next goal into my mind.  I read a book called “Kisses from Katie”.  Have you heard of it?  Katie Davis flew out to Uganda for the first time as a teenager, really grew to love those she came into contact with, and it wasn’t long before she went back to live there permanently.  She pours her life into serving that country and is certainly someone who commands respect.  Well, you would, wouldn’t you – if you were under 25 and had 13 girls calling you ‘Mommy’?  She’s a powerful speaker, and through this book, she really brought home to me the need in Uganda.

Katie runs an organisation herself, Amazima Ministries (Amazima means ‘Truth’ in Luganda – the most spoken language where Katie lives).  They have a child-sponsorship programme, and every so often their sponsors receive letters from a child in the programme, but they don’t link every sponsor to a particular child the way Compassion do.  I can see the sense in this.  Perhaps you want to clothe a child and give them an education, but don’t have the time or the inclination to write letters.  And if your financial circumstances changed, you could stop sponsoring without feeling you had let a specific child down.  For me though, letter-writing and the possibility of getting to know my child were what drew me to sponsorship, so having seen the need, I’d like to sponsor a Compassion-child in Uganda one day.

What about you; do you favour Compassion’s more personal approach, or would you rather do it Amazima’s way?  I hope at least one person reading this feels a stirring in their heart to sponsor in Uganda.  I searched Compassion’s site and had lots of Ugandan children to choose from, but if I’m picking one, it would be Erinora.  I just love the name – sort of like Erin and Nora combined.  It’s a funny name, but really, really sweet.  Would you consider sponsoring Erinora?  At the moment she’s a 5-year-old who doesn’t go to school.  Imagine what impact your sponsorship could have on a life like hers.

Compassion Goals 1

I’m very honoured to be a Compassion-sponsor.  I have children in the Philippines and Haiti, but I don’t see child-sponsorship as something that will stop as soon as these children leave their centres.  Reading about the experiences and aspirations of other sponsors has made me think:  What are my own Compassion goals?  Over the next 4 weeks I’ll write about some of them, and I’d love to hear yours too.

So here they are, in no particular order.  First, I’d love to sponsor an orphan.  God has a special place in His heart for orphans.  We’re told in the Bible that helping orphans in their time of need is one of the things that makes religion (James 1:27), but it’s not just that.  I was privileged to grow up in a caring family.  My parents loved me and did their best, and I want to show love and care to someone who doesn’t have parents in their life who can.  If you feel the same, here’s just one orphan you could sponsor today.  It’s yet another Alexis!  Last time I wanted to feature a child on this blog, a boy called Alexis jumped out at me.  Well, today’s Alexis lives in Rwanda.  I find this hard to comprehend, but he’s 17 and still in primary school.  Will you help him in his time of need?  Will you give him the opportunity to grow and develop – to live the life he was made to live?