Tuesday at Ten: Create

I saw Karen’s prompt this week on Facebook, so here’s something I haven’t done for a while – joined in with Tuesday at Ten:

Thank You that You create something out of nothing, You whose Spirit hovered over the waters, who saw a beginning when there was nothing to see.

You brought land and life, the routine of day and night, and even before it all, You chose me.

You sent Your Son to die on a cross, so many years before I was born, years before I wanted to be Yours.

And even as I live my life, You look down in love and You guide my steps, knowing what I think and feel.

You see the closed doors and the questioning, and You say: “I will make the valley of trouble a door of hope” (Hosea 2:15).

Creator-God, You’ve never stopped creating. Your hope is always there in our trouble, so make us more aware; more thankful; more loving towards the One who offers us so much.


This week’s Tuesday at Ten prompt is “Believe”, and I just felt to write a little poem this time:
* * *
When we think that God created the world – everything in 6 days – do we believe it’s possible?
When we hear that He parted the sea for His people – do we believe it’s possible?
When we picture a giant, slain by a shepherd-boy – do we believe it’s possible?
When we hear of a suffering servant, taking all our punishment – do we believe it’s possible?
When we want to be like Peter, in whose shadow people were healed – do we believe it’s possible?
When we hear of a disfigured body straightened – do we believe it’s possible?
When we seek provision for those in great need – do we believe it’s possible?
When we want a thriving church, people worshipping in spirit and in truth – do we believe it’s possible?
When we want a peaceful life, lived in a strength not our own – do we believe it’s possible?
When we search our hearts, and lift our eyes ...
Believe – it’s possible.

Wisdom’s Greatest Delights

“I was like a child by His side.  I was delighted every day, enjoying His presence all the time, enjoying the whole world, and delighted with all its people” (Proverbs 8:30-31).


Proverbs 8 – a beautiful chapter on how wisdom was present before even the dust of the earth (verse 26).  And wisdom’s greatest delights?


God’s Presence Always:  Although the Bible says we’ve been brought near by the blood of Christ, sometimes we can feel closer to Him than others, but however we feel, the wisest thing we can do is to enjoy His presence all the time.


The World God Made:  Somebody told me once that she thought God would want me to see because He’d made such beauty on the earth.  As someone who can’t, I suppose it’s difficult to take as much of a delight in nature, but I do like birdsong, the smell of lilies, the smallness of daisies, and the sound of a babbling stream.


All God’s People:  I feel like I haven’t perfected any of these, but verse 31 says wisdom delights in all His people, even the ones I’d struggle to spend a couple of hours with.  The truth is that God made man in His image, so in every person, there’s something to delight in, and God takes great delight in us.

31 Days of Song: “What can I Do”

Like Matt Redman last week, Paul Baloche is another who writes some really good songs.


Shall I tell you 2 things I’ve always wanted to see?  A sunset, and the stars.  I know I don’t need to see them, but it would be nice, and both are sort of mentioned in this song:

“When I see the beauty

“Of a sunset’s glory,

“Amazing artistry

“Across the evening sky:

“When I feel the mystery

“Of a distant galaxy,

“It awes and humbles me

“To be loved by a God so high.”


Beautiful words and so true.