Cheer on the Dreamers

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).


Has anyone in your circle of friends had a dream fulfilled?  An engagement?  A new baby?  Their ideal job?  This verse got me thinking about someone who has.


If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know I love Holley’s writing.  She and her husband Mark had struggled for over 10 years with infertility.  All those shared hopes on their wedding day, only to realise later that she couldn’t pour herself into the next generation.  Motherhood was her dream that seemed impossible, but just recently, God gave her the word ‘Love’ for 2014, and started prompting her heart about older girls – too adult for the fostering system, but still in need of parental support.  Through a ministry called Saving Grace, God put a 20-year-old (now their daughter, Lovelle) into their lives.  It was International Mothers’ Day on Sunday, and they celebrated Mothers’ Day for the first time.


I’ve never met Holley in person, but that story makes me smile so much!  Let’s be happy for the ones whose dreams have been realised – yes, but let’s keep them in prayer too.  It can be easy to support people until they’ve had their answer and then forget them.  I remember this post from Jarrod’s blog a couple of years ago because, unusually, he didn’t forget.  He talked about some recent miracles – deaf ears opened, years of pain disappearing … and he asked us to pray for those people afterwards as they gave back their mobility cars or looked for work.


The thing is, once your dream’s come true, there’s sure to be a point when reality hits:  When those rose-tinted glasses become … just plain glasses.  I don’t know how much Holley and Lovelle will write about their ups and downs – the other’s habits they find irritating, yesterday’s baggage that comes to the surface when they least expect it … and I don’t know your situation as you read this.  If you’re parenting a new-born, perhaps they’ve been cranky all day, and your biggest accomplishment was to get dressed and put a meal on the table.


“A dream fulfilled is a tree of life”, but even healthy trees need maintenance.  I want to encourage you to support the dreamers – beforehand, and when the rubber hits the road.