Favourite Days 2011

It’s new year’s eve, so to celebrate, I thought I’d write about some favourite days in 2011 that I’m really grateful to God for. I’ve picked my top 4:
1. Saturday 30 July: I live near some hills. I’ve walked the length of them in the past (about 9 miles), but I don’t often get up there now. This particular day a friend ask me to go, we picnicked in the car, and then we found a bench outside. The sun was shining (I love being on the hills in the sunshine), and we talked about his family – uncles and aunties and grandparents … We headed back just after 3 o’clock. Such a special day.

2. Thursday 13 October: My friend Alex had come to stay so we could record a feature for her radio-show, including some songs I’ve written and some of my favourites by other artists. Thursday was the day we recorded the interview, and I’ve kept a clip of when she asked a question, I didn’t know how to answer and we both burst into laughter. (If it was on YouTube I’d try to share it here, but it’s not!) I’ve known Alex 20 years and she’s like family, so my mum came in the afternoon and we shopped together, then went round to my parents’ house for one of Dad’s casseroles.

3. Saturday 14 May: I was with my friends and their 2 girls in Scotland. We went with the 4-year-old to her little friend’s birthday party in the morning. After lunch the girls’ dad took them home, leaving me and Kate to go shopping (more shopping!), and in the evening we went to church in Glasgow. My friends attend a Pentecostal church and on Saturday nights, all its branches throughout Scotland can meet together at the Glasgow church. Lots of people turn out, and it was the best meeting I’d been in for ages because we heard from God. At the end there was a prophecy, where God encouraged us to keep our eyes toward Him.

4. Saturday 18 June: I posted about that day earlier in this blog –┬áthe Compassion UK┬áconference in Manchester – just an amazing morning hearing about some of the miracles in Haiti.

So, I guess I’m happiest when I’m with God, with friends/family, or shopping! When are you happiest? Do you have any favourite days in 2011 you want to chat about?

Thanks for reading this year, and I hope for lots of special moments for all of us in 2012.