“That’s not Apple Juice”

I was recently reminded of something that happened when I still lived with my parents. A friend (who’s also blind) had come to stay and she wanted a drink. I went to the fridge, took out the only jug I could find, filled a glass and handed it to her. She took a huge sip, made a funny sound and managed to say: “That’s not apple juice.”

I gasped. “What is it?”

“I don’t know, but it’s not apple juice!”

Later when Mum came in, she looked and said: “It’s cooking oil.” Who keeps cooking oil in a jug in the fridge ready to use a second time? No one else I know, but Mum did, and the apple juice was still in its carton on the table.

We can apply this story to Scripture/God’s Word. It’s sweet to our taste and the more we read it, the more familiar we are with its teachings. When we come up against something opposed to them, we’re then able to say: “That’s not Scriptural” and, like my friend, reject it before we swallow.

Do you have any funny stories that make you think of God?

A-Z: Unique

This time next week the A-Z challenge will be over.  Are you joining in?  How have you got on with it?


When I first started watching Formula One, it was commentated by Murray Walker.  He was such a passionate commentator I’m sure he could have converted me to any sport, but Murray Walker and mistakes sort of go hand-in-hand.  In fairness, it’s not always easy to tell which driver is which when they’re shooting past at a hundred miles an hour.


Sometimes he’d say something, and you could almost hear the cogs going round as he spotted the blip and tried to correct himself.  For anyone who doesn’t know, there are two cars per team in a Formula One race, and so he came out with one of my favourites:


“This McLaren car is absolutely unique!  Except for the one in front of it, which is identical.”

On Conversations

Have you ever thought that all of you reading this who can see have a great advantage over me when it comes to conversations?  You really do, ‘cos you’ve always got a get-out clause.  You can say:  “I just need to go and speak to …” or when you come to a stopping-point, walk across the room and look busy with something.

If I go somewhere on my own, I’ll take my cane with me, but I don’t always take it if I’m getting a lift with someone.  So when I’m in a crowded room and somebody starts asking questions I don’t want to answer, I just have to stand there and hope they get the message!  I’ve thought this more than once, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a tiny device I could link to someone I knew, to give them the signal to come and interrupt?!!

Is there anything you’d like to invent to make life that bit easier?

Thanks to one of my readers for their idea on this.  Why not say I need to make a phone call and get out my phone?  I could ring my home number and leave a message on my answerphone.  Good plan!

Finding Answers 1

I sometimes like to read people’s “Religious Views” on Facebook.  I’ve just read the views of a teenager, who started with some questions and finished off by saying it wasn’t that she didn’t believe; she just needed some answers … and so, the idea for these posts.


Her first question was:  “If God is real, why can’t we see Him?”  That’s a fun one to answer.  All of you out there, reading this blog, are you real?  I can’t see you.  If you have to see someone for them to be real, that would mean that if somebody went blind, no one would be real anymore.  That could be a good idea for a fantasy novel, but I’m very glad it’s not the truth.  Aren’t you?

The Worship-Leader You Didn’t Know Existed

Today I’ve listened to the show I was plugging. Alex talked about when we went to “Songs of Praise” at the Millennium Stadium in the year 2000, exactly 3 months after I’d become a Christian.

When she told me on the phone that “Songs of Praise” was on and was I happy to go, I unhesitatingly said yes. As someone who wasn’t a churchgoer at the time, I wanted to take any opportunity to get together with other Christians; the style of event didn’t matter. I’m sure that sometimes, seasoned Christians could learn from the enthusiasm of those just starting out.

Anyway, this is one story Alex didn’t tell on-air – maybe because she didn’t want to make me look silly, but I don’t mind looking silly, so I’ll tell it myself. The sound system in the stadium really wasn’t very good. (I’ve heard that said by others too.) Several people sang – Noel Richards, Daniel O’Donnell etc, and you could just about make out what the presenters were saying.

As we sat on the coach home, Alex asked: “What did you think?”

“Yeah,” I said, “it was good. I didn’t know Noel Edmonds could sing!”