A Story That’s Stuck

I’ve been having a chat with a friend on Facebook today that ended up being about tithing. It reminded me of a story I read years ago that’s always stayed with me. I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so thought I’d blog it. I hope I’m not breaking some copyright law! It came from “Daily Walk with God” by Herman W. Gockel, and it went something like this:

A man earned £10 a week. He gladly tithed his income, giving £1 a week to the church.

He advanced up the career-ladder, gaining several promotions, until one day he turned up at his pastor’s office. “What seems to be the problem?” his pastor asked.

“Well, you see, it’s my tithing. I can no longer afford it. I now earn £10,000 a week and frankly, it’s too much!”

After a pause, the pastor looked at him and said quietly: “We could always pray and ask God to reduce your income to £10 a week.”

Makes me want to thank God for the money in my bank.

Food Poverty?

I had the radio on yesterday and they were talking about an increasing number of people in the UK living in ‘Food poverty’.  If I remember rightly, they said 14% of people had no choice but to spend 10% of their income on food bills, and the poorest households spent more than that!  Is this what they call poverty?


I’ll usually spend more than 10% of my income on food bills, and I would never categorise myself as someone living in poverty.  I always have enough to eat, and enough to share.  Perhaps our media need to visit places like the Philippines, where a boiled egg is divided between 7 people, before filling our news with such rubbish.