God’s Got It

I had a bit of a change this morning. I could have visited another church, but just wanted to be somewhere familiar. I really love being able to watch church-services online on Livestream and put one on today, in expectation that God would speak to me. I knew there was an American called Tommy Tenney preaching and I’d heard good things about him before (he prayed for the founder of Victory Church Cwmbran before the Welsh Outpouring), so I knew he was used mightily by God.

He talked about Joshua: In his opinion, the most uninhibited man in the Bible. The first time they tried to conquer Jericho, twelve spies gave the Israelites a report on the land, but their fear had been greater than their faith. Their fear disabled them from living out their original purpose, so God had to wait until the next generation; that first generation died in the wilderness. The only two left were the spies who hadn’t been afraid – Joshua, and Caleb.

Forty years then after spying out Jericho and measuring its walls, Joshua’s approaching it again, knowing full well how big the problem is. Then he meets someone with a drawn sword and says: “Are you for us or for our enemies?” If we saw a policeman or a security guard carrying a gun, it might reassure us to know we had some protection, but if a man’s gun was held out ready to shoot, how many of us would go over and ask: “Whose side are you on?”

Then of course, he applied this whole situation to our lives. Who or what intimidates us? Instead of being intimidated by a problem, shouldn’t we look up to our God? “Any battle the devil can convince you not to fight,” he said, “he wins by default.” It was just what I needed to hear.

Don’t you think it’s awesome that wherever you are, God can and will speak into your situation if you ask Him to? That’s what we Christians mean when we say Jesus is our best Friend. It’s not just some fluffy statement; it’s a reality. Jesus treats us as His friends. If you saw one of your friends in some difficulty and wanting your advice, you’d give it to them, wouldn’t you?

Your situation may seem small to someone else, or even in your own eyes, but know that God’s got it covered.