Finding What’s Right in Front of You: “Life Unstuck” Book-Review

Have you ever asked a shop-assistant where something is, only to find it’s right under your nose? Sometimes chinks in our lives are staring us in the face, but we need other people’s help to see them. Reading “Life Unstuck” could be one way of giving yourself that help to put your past behind you, enjoy your present, and look forward to your future.

The author’s introduction made me think this would be a bit heavy, but don’t be put-off. Pat came across as more approachable when she started chapter 1 with a personal story, and there are plenty of these throughout. If you love people, I think you’ll enjoy Pat’s style of writing and willingness to admit her mistakes. If you love the Bible, you’ll appreciate going deeper into the intensely personal Psalm 139, one verse at a time.

Wield Those Drivers

No, I’m not talking about golf clubs, though there is a similarity.

The other week, a lady told me I had so much to give to the church (those we worship with on a Sunday).  I’m on the worship-team and sing upfront every couple of weeks, but she said:  “I meant the wisdom.”  Wisdom?  I don’t have a responsible, highly-paid job, or a young family who need my input.  I feel like lots of people have had steep learning curves and therefore are wise because of them.

But people’s encouragement, their compliments really, can be like a driver is to that golf ball:  They can launch something inside you.  In my case, it reaffirmed that yes, I do have something worthwhile to say (and who doesn’t need that reassurance).  I’m grateful that through this blog and the Facebook-groups I’m in, I can share my thoughts with the world.

Of course, the tongue can have the opposite effect.  People’s fears and doubts can be like seeds if you let them, causing fear and doubt to sprout in your own heart.  Please, use your words to motivate people, and drive them towards being all they were made to be.