My One Word for 2015

Do you make new-year’s resolutions? The people at OneWord365 pick a single word to focus on throughout the year. This can feel like it’s me setting the agenda rather than God, but this year, I was reading a post on (in)Courage about the topic. The author wrote about her word, and it lodged itself in my heart. I hope she won’t mind me sharing it because I really feel it would be a good one for me this year.

And the word is?


The Bible says: “No matter how many promises God has made, they are yes in Christ” (2 Corinthians 1:20). I believe the Bible, so I struggle when I’ve prayed and haven’t seen some of the yeses. I find I can get frustrated and angry at God, instead of trusting in Him fully. I don’t say I always get angry, but sometimes I do, and I want to do more savouring. Whatever my circumstances, I want to keep finding good in the ordinary and appreciating what God’s given me. Here are some of the things I want to savour this year –

Scripture: I’ve decided to read the Bible from cover to cover this year. I did it once about 10 years ago and thought it was about time to do it again. I made a plan for the year, working out what to read when, and so far I’m managing it. If you’re interested in me sharing my Bible plan with you, leave a note in the comments.

Almighty God: This links with what I wrote in my last post about being grateful for the time I spend with God, and appreciating the things He does for me.

Volunteering: In 2014, I stopped working at an organisation I had volunteered with for a long time. I’m grateful for the years I had with them and want to savour the voluntary work I still do.

Others: I don’t enjoy being in large groups; I’m much more a one-to-one person, and moments spent with loved ones are very special. God so loved the world that He sent Jesus, so if I’ve got no time for people, what kind of a Christian am I? I want God to help me savour the time I spend with other people, and give the best of myself when I’m with them.

Unusual: I’ve discovered (this could be a good or a bad thing) that I thrive on a bit of excitement – some things to look forward to, and 2015 promises a few of those. I’ve booked my first holiday in 5 years. I’m looking forward to attending a friend’s wedding, and meeting Crystal and her family for the first time (my American friends who are stationed in the UK).

Reading: I can’t speak highly enough of Kindle for iPhone; I only wish I’d got my iPhone sooner. My aim is to read 20 books this year, but hopefully I’ll exceed that.

Scripture, Almighty God, Volunteering, Others, Unusual, Reading.


Are you new to the idea of one word to focus on for the year? What would yours be?

Your Must-Know for 2014

Happy new year everyone!

One of my favourite writers is Holley Gerth.  I like her because she’s such an encourager (I think you’d struggle to find a post on her blog that wasn’t uplifting), and this year, she’s homing in on that even more with a challenge called “Coffee for Your Heart”.  This week, she’s asked us to pass on what we’d like people to know at the start of 2014 (it could be through blogging, Facebook, Twitter, or in real-life).  I took awhile to think about that one.

I’ve told you before about Kelly, a songwriter I know in the US.  I think what I’d like you all to know at the start of every new-year comes from one of her songs:

“If God brings you to it,

“Then He’ll bring you through it.”

I know others have been through far worse, but my 2013 wasn’t the best:  My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer; a friend had significant health-problems; I had all my jewellery stolen.  Those would be 3 stand-out moments, but you know, my favourite Bible-verse is Jeremiah 29:11:  God has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future – and none of those things did me any harm spiritually.  I’m still walking with the Lord, and guess what …  I got to another new year’s eve (and, praise God, so did my mum and my friend).

No trial comes into our lives without God’s permission, and whatever we have to face in 2014, if we’ll trust Him, He’ll see us to the other side.  It’s going to be ok.

Would you like to follow Holley’s blog and join in her challenge to give people’s hearts a lift this year?  What would you like your community to know at the start of 2014?