31 Days of Song: “Hallelujah – Your Love is Amazing”

In the school assembly today, we told the kids about Moses, and the way the story was written picked up on something I’d never thought of before – how Miriam must have felt when she saw the Egyptian princess had found her baby brother.  All Hebrew baby boys were to be killed!  Miriam’s heart must have been in her mouth; she probably couldn’t bear to watch, but as the story said, God was watching.  The baby wasn’t killed because the princess took one look at his crying face and her heart melted.  That princess, whether she acknowledged it or not, was made in the image of God and His compassion shone through her as she took pity on baby Moses.

Much later, when Moses was eighty years old and trying to leave Egypt with his people, Pharaoh had several visits from him, but his heart didn’t melt.  Softening and hardening of heart – both orchestrated by God.  When things seem out-of-control, know that God has a special plan for your life and is watching over you.  His love is amazing.