Giving Is … No Reluctance

I don’t like dried fruit much, but my exceptions are mince pies and Welsh cakes.  I recently came across some delicious mince pies!  I decided to buy 2 dozen – 12 for me and 12 for church.  Friends and I’ve shared these mince pies, to the point where I only have a quarter of mine left.  I contemplated only giving the church 1 packet.  They’d have donations from other people as well, wouldn’t they?  But as I thought that, suddenly the Bible-story of Ananias and Sapphira came to my mind:


“Ananias and his wife Sapphira also sold a piece of property.  But they agreed to cheat and keep some of the money for themselves.


“So when Ananias took the rest of the money to the apostles, Peter said, ‘Why has Satan made you keep back some of the money from the sale of the property?  Why have you lied to the Holy Spirit?’


“Three hours later Sapphira came in, but she did not know what had happened to her husband.  Peter asked her, ‘Tell me, did you sell the property for this amount?’


“’Yes,’ she answered, ‘that’s the amount.’


“Then Peter said, ‘Why did the two of you agree to test the Lord’s Spirit?  The men who buried Ananias are by the door, and they will carry you out!’  At once she fell at Peter’s feet and died” (Acts 5:1-3, 7-10).


They could have given God however much they wanted from the sale of that house.  Others had sold property specifically so the money could help those in need.  No doubt this looked impressive.  Maybe Ananias and Sapphira wanted the kudos that went with that kind of giving, but they were reluctant to part with it all, so they kept some back for themselves and lied about it, and died for their wilful deception.


Giving is no reluctance, and I knew I didn’t want to show any.  These mince pies are the best shop-bought mince pies I’ve ever tasted, and why shouldn’t my church have the best?