Can I Recommend …?

You know some books you read and you think:  Well, that’s an interesting way of putting it, but I kind of knew that already?

At the moment I’m in the middle of studying “You’re Going to be Okay” (by Holley Gerth), and I wanted to point you to chapter 3 because I’ve never read anything like it before.  It was a bit like a science lesson, where Holley talked about the 3 parts of the brain.

First there’s the brain stem, which has 2 functions – survival and threat detection.  That’s the part that sends out alarm signals – makes the heart beat fast etc.  Then there’s the system where your emotions are, which reacts to what’s happened with feelings of sadness, anger and so on.  Finally, the neo-cortex (just behind your eyebrows) thinks deep thoughts – processing how you feel and deciding on a response.  Holley said we could break this down into stages, I.E. when we perceive a threat, stop and recognise what’s happening to us.  If we ignore it, the brain stem will send out the same message with greater and greater intensity.  Then we need to acknowledge how we feel (a reaction is inevitable, but our response isn’t), so we can go before God with our feelings and ask Him to help us deal with them.

I found that really, really helpful tonight and I hope you do too.  I’d recommend buying the book if you want to see all the detail in this chapter, and as I’ve only got to chapter 3 so far, I’m thinking there’ll be other wisdom in the ones to come.